National Cycling Routes of Switzerland

SUISSEPIC continues to find the best bike routes in Switzerland. With our recommendations, you can enjoy a great cycling tour around the country.


Aare Route

Oberwald (Gletsch) – Koblenz, 305 km

The Aare Route follows the longest Swiss river, the Aare. From the small glacier lake on the Grimsel Pass until merging with the Rhine River in Koblenz, this cycling route continues on towards the Bernese Oberland, the Three Lakes Region, the Mittelland, the Jura Mountains, and the Swiss capital of Bern.

This particular route ascends about 2,600 m and descends about 4,000 m. As a result, you will enjoy a spectacular cycling journey through green-grey-colored mountains, snow-covered peaks, deep-blue waters, vineyards, imposing castles, and dark-brown chalets. Step off your bike enjoy the famous Aare Gorge on foot.

This bike tour is also unique because it can be with a boat ride across Lake Thun to the legendary Giessbach Falls. Continue on your adventure through large villages and open fields to the town of Spiez, and eventually to Bern, one of the most beautiful cities and capital of Switzerland.

Take a break at Lake Wohlen before cycling to the town of Biel, where we recommend you visit the Omega Museum to learn about the Swiss watchmaking industry. Continue on your journey towards the baroque town of Solothurn and enjoy picturesque views of the Old Center while having lunch at one of the small outdoor cafés. You also have the option of taking a guided tour to Weissenstein Mountain.

After leaving Solothurn, you’ll come up on the medieval town of Wangen and eventually the enchanting town of Aarau. Also, don’t forget to check out the Rhine Falls on the last leg of your journey towards the city of Koblenz.


Jura Route

Basel – Nyon, 275 km

The Jura Route is a classical cycling tour that allows one to enjoy the awe-inspiring countryside of Switzerland. Crossing 5 cantonal borders, this journey will have you cycling alongside the Jura mountain chain, across lush valleys, and through bright pine forests and medieval towns. You’ll also enjoy seeing its charming farming lifestyle, as well as places that remain untouched by mankind. Starting in the city of Basel, the route runs alongside the forested river of La Lucelle and towards the rolling hills of Ajoie. The route continues down into the Doubs Valley and to the old town of Saint-Ursanne.

Continuing through the breathtaking beauty of the Jura, the route will take you to Freiberge, with its pine trees and grazing horses in the vast open meadows. Along the way, make a stop to see the Etang de Gruyere and Mont Soleil. As you cycle upwards, not only are you guaranteed spectacular views of the Savoy Alps, but you’ll also reach the city of La Chaux-de-Fonds, the center of the Swiss watchmaking industry.

After taking a break in Sainte-Croix, visit the Vallorbe Caves, and then cycle up to the magical Lac de Joux. Your final destination will be in the beautiful small town of Nyon near Lake Geneva, which is headquarters of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), the European Club Association (ECA), and the luxurious Swiss watchmaker Hublot. This town is surrounded by vineyards, so do not miss the opportunity to cycle through the Lavaux Vineyard Terraces.


Mittelland Route

Romanshorn – Lausanne, 370 km

The Mittelland Route is one of the most popular multi-day cycling tours, starting from Romanshorn near Lake Constance. Like the previous cycling route, this one runs through the terraced vineyards of the Vaud region with its final destination at Lausanne near Lake Geneva.

This route allows the cyclist to travel along dozens of crystal-clear lakes and rivers, across wide open plains and tranquil valleys, and through beautiful towns and villages. Start your trip in Romanshorn and follow along the Thur (river), crossing apple and pear gardens. Make a stop in Zurich and enjoy a walk through the Bahnhofstrasse, one of the most famous shopping avenues.

Continue on your cycling journey through the Reuss Valley towards the ancient Roman city of Windisch, along the Aare River, and towards the town of Aarau. While on this cycling adventure, take a break and enjoy a canoe ride from Buren to the baroque town of Solothurn.

After enjoying a well-deserved break, the adventure continues along Lake Neuchatel towards Yverdon-les-Bains. Along the way, you will pass several pretty villages before arriving in the charming town of Estavayer-le-Lac with its narrow alleys, numerous fountains, and surrounding ramparts. The beaches of Estavayer-le-Lac will also delight those who wish to kick back, throw on some shades, and sunbath.

The final destination on this cycling tour will be in the city of Lausanne, which will allow one to reflect and share the memories they collected on this incredible journey.

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