Metallica blew up Turin. Geneva, get ready!

A legendary rock band Metallica blew up Italian Turin. The whole Olympic park swayed like a united flow rock’n’rolling for Master of puppets accords, that were played at Pala Alpitour. Andrea, a good friend of SUISSEPIC, visited a concert and shared some picture with the community followers.

And attention! On 11th April Metallica will heavymetal Genevan Palexpo. And it seems to me that the whole Switzerland already made their prays to God to get the tickets, which are already sold out as it follows from the official information at Metallica’s website.

However SUISSEPIC discovered several communities on Facebook where people asking each other about the opportunities of selling and reselling the tickets. Share them here: One, Two

The Italian istagrammers continue telling the world how it was.

giupsv cites: “Never opened myself this way. Life is ours, we live it our way”

albertochicco: “E niente, quando I #metallica fanno tribute a #vascorossi”

droppedamber: “simply the best”

alex18min: “It was amazing, it has been 10 years now from my first Metallica concert and they are always great. There were a lot of new songs in their setlist and the crowd was really pleased about that. Great scenography with lightning drones and pyros. It was an amazing experience”.

The show in Turin was a tribute to Italian rock musician Vasco Rossi, who plays music for 30 years already and suddenly they sang a shortcut C’è chi dice no, what made the Italian crowd scream.

The pictures used as the illustrations of this text are unique property of propigram and alex18min

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