Running a marathon became very popular. It is a unique chance to feel as a superhero, to meet new people and travel the world. Every year thousands of running events are held in the world. SUISSEPIC discovered marathons which are planned in Switzerland for 2018.

City and nature marathons have become sporting events reported on the radio, television and in the press.

Marathon running includes both physical and mental health benefits. Preparing to run a long distance you have to perform numerous exercises which help you control weight, stabilize blood pressure and lower cholesterol. Physical concentration reduces level of stress and increase energy potential.

There are 230 running events planned in Switzerland for 2018 including 37 marathons and half-marathons. 6 of them will be held in Lake Geneva area, 17 in Central Switzerland, 6 in the Eastern part of the country, 4 in Bern-Basel area, 3 in Zermatt area, 1 in Ticino. And the most beautiful one to take place in Interlaken on 9th September.

Marathon season 2018 in Switzerland started on 18 March in Oberriet with Rhylauf Half Marathon.

Endurance for Charity

Harmony Geneve Marathon for UNICEF (14th edition)
The Harmony Geneva Marathon for Unicef is considered to be one of the most picturesque city marathons in Europe. Geneva Marathon Route takes in the countryside passing through vineyards and colza fields nestled between mountains and the shore of Lake Geneva before finishing in the heart of the city in front of the famous Jet d’Eau.

Endurance for Beauty

Jungfrau Marathon
The Jungfrau Marathon is one of the best known mountain marathons in the world. It has been held in Interlaken since 1993 every year. This marathon covers the traditional distance of 42,195 km. The race starts in Interlaken at 565m above sea level, goes into the Jungfrau Region via Lauterbrunnen and ends on top of the Kleine Scheidegg at 2095m with its famous mountains Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains. The “Ultimate Guide to International Marathons” has rated this marathon course as the “World’s Most Beautiful Marathon”. In 2018 the Jungfrau Marathon takes place on 8th September.

Endurance for fun

Neujahrsmarathon (New Year’s Marathon) Zürich
The New Year’s Marathon Zürich is an annual marathon race held on January 1 each year, since 2005. The Neujahrsmarathon is a popular race for runners to welcome New Year. The start takes place at midnight, exactly at the beginning of the New Year. Start and finish are located in Schlieren near Zürich. The track consists of four laps along the river Limmat. The length of one lap is 10.55 km. Besides the marathon, there are also a half marathon (two laps), a 10 kilometer run (one lap) as well as a marathon relay. Since 2014 there is also a kids marathon on a 750 meters track, which starts at 10 p.m. on 31 December. This race is free of charge for all participants.


  • 18 March Rhylauf (Oberriet)


  • 14 April Budner Fruhlingslauf (Thusis)
  • 22 April Zurich Marathon
  • 29 April Mutenz Marathon
  • 29 April 20 km de Lausanne (Lausanne)


  • 5 May Harmony Geneve Marathon for UNICEF
  • 11 May Bielersee Ultra-Marathon
  • 24 May Auffahrtslauf (Sank Gallen)
  • 26 May Sempacherseelauf (Sursee)
  • 27 May Winterthur Marathon (Winterthur)
  • 27 May Ybriglauf (Unteriberg)


  • 6 June Forchaluf (Zürich)
  • 11 June Bieler Lauftage mit NachtMarathon (Biel)
  • 17 June Aletsch Half-Marathon (Bettmeralp)


  • 7 July Trail Verbier St.Bernard (Bagnes)
  • 7 July Gornergrat Zermatt Marathon (Zermatt)
  • 17 July Eiger Ultra Trail (Grindelwald)
  • 28 July Stockhorn Haf-Marathon (Oberwil im Simmental)


  • 4 August Swissalpine Marathon (Davos)
  • 20 August Inferno Half-Marathon (Lauterbrunnen)
  • 20 August Marathon Ultraks (Zermatt)
  • 20 August Vully Run (Constantine)
  • 25 August Mountainman (Alpnach)
  • 28 August Emmetaler Half-Marathon (Gohl)


  • 7 September Swisspeaks Trail (Port-Valais)
  • 9 September Jungfrau Marathon (Interlaken)
  • 22 September Internationaler Greifenseelauf (Uster)
  • 24 September IWB Basel Marathon (Basel)
  • 29 September Humani ‘Trail Les Diablerets (Les Diablerets)


  • 10 October Brienzerseelauf (Bönigen)
  • 16 October Ticino Marathon (Ascona – Locarno Marathon)
  • 20 October Hallwilerseelauf (Bettwil)
  • 21 October Lausanne Marathon (Lausanne)
  • 28 October Swisscity Marathon Lucerne (Lucerne)
  • 30 October Lucerne Marathon (Lucerne)


  • 18 November Frauenfelder (Frauenfeld)


  • 1 January 2019 New Years Marathon Zürich (Zürich)

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