Inspiration Born Among the Alps

Killian Rainer is a student who lived in the city of Bern for 8 years. He is a passionate young photographer looking for his inspiration in nature and fantastic alpine landscapes.

His first experience in Switzerland was during Swiss National Day celebration on the 1 August when the whole country was colored by lantern parades, fireworks and a great variety of ribbons with Swiss flags. National Day has been celebrated in Switzerland annually since 1899. This date refers to the date of the Federal Charter of 1291, Pacte du Grutli, placed in “early August”  when “three Alpine cantons swore the oath of confederation” (Schwyz, Uri and Unterwald). This day is considered to be an action which “later came to be regarded as the founding of Switzerland.”

It’s not a secret that every corner of Switzerland is picturesque so I asked Killian who spent 8 years enjoying this atmosphere and nature how he gets his inspiration to make photos. He told me that the best his memoires about the time in Switzerland relate to hiking and skiing which are among his passions. During early visits to Zermatt for holidays he started to take his first pics and now he used to make them around the world. Later he showed me a feed in Instagram full of impressions from all over: from Cape Town to New Orleans with the accents on Matterhorn.

“Even though I have a very good camera I take almost all my photos with my smartphone and mostly spontaneous. When I see something I find beautiful I take a picture of it. When I look at the photo later I feel the emotions I felt when looking at the thing I took the photo of as well as a bit of pride”, says Killian.

Thank you Killian, for your SUISSEPIRATION and desire to join the SUISSEPIC project.

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