Switzerland with its charming landscapes is considered to be the paradise for Instagram addicts. A great diversity of industrial and natural panoramas including mountains and valleys, waterfalls and lakes, modern street art and old castles can be found here. SUISSEPIC explored Bern, Geneva and Lucerne and defined some beautiful spots to make unforgettable pictures and selfies.


Bern is the capital of Switzerland. SUISSEPIC’s team already had a walk there to define the best places to visit

Rose Garden
The first place to go if you want an overview of the city of Bern is Rose Garden. It’s the most beautiful overlook of the city for a fantastic panorama of the Aare River and rooftops of the Old Town.
Picture is a unique property of @giovanni1nglese

Address to get Alter Aargauerstalden 31b, 3006 Bern

Mountain Gurten
There are a lot of great photos you can take the Mountain Gurten. It provides an unforgettable 360° view over the city of Bern and surrounding hills. Very recommendable is to climb this mountain in the early morning hours to experience the sunrise.

Address to get: Gurtenkulm, 3084 Köniz

Clock Tower
You can enjoy panoramic views of the city from the top of Clock Tower. It’s certainly the most recognizable and photographed landmark in the city. Its observation deck offers nice panoramic views over the Swiss narrow streets and rooftops.

Address to get: Bim Zytglogge 3, 3011 Bern


Cathédrale Saint-Pierre de Genève
Found in the heart of Geneva’s old town, it’s a significant place to enjoy stunning panoramic views of Geneva. Take your wonderful panoramic pictures after climbing 157 narrow steps in the north tower of the cathedral. And after enjoy its gorgeous interrior.

To get
Get out of the train at Gare Cornavin. Walk to the Lake
Cross Mont Blanc bridge. Get in the Old Town. Go up
All the way ~40min

Le pont du Mont-Blanc
Mont Blanc Bridge crosses Lake Geneva connecting old town with the modern part of the city. Despite the fact of a constant rushy traffic there it offers nice views of the iconic 140m fountain Le Jet d’Eau fountain and the banks of the Lake.

To get
Go out of Gare Cornavin. Go to the lake (~20 min)


Mountain Pilatus
It’s a good way to see Lucerne and Central Switzerland is from the mountain massif of Pilatus, which towers above the region with its 2,132 meters. It’s probably one of the most famous but nothing less stunning viewpoints in Switzerland.

To get
Take the bus #1 from Lucerne Central station to Kriens (~15-20 min)
In Kriens go to the funicular. Take a coach to Pilatus Kulm (~1h)

Lucerne Lake
Lucerne, a gateway to central Switzerland. The city is located on the shores of Lake Lucerne being surrounded by the majestic mountains. Take a boat at the central station to enjoy unforgettable water trip with the magnificent panoramic views of the Alps.

To get
Enjoy lake panoramas on your way of Lucerne Central Station

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