Geneva welcomes Christmas at Parc des Bastions

@J-Olivier Pardonche

Magnificent Christmas village located at 8,000 square meters at Parc des Bastions is to welcome visitors of Geneva city from 6th to 31st December 2018.

Cozy chalets offer artisanal gifts and festive atmosphere of Marche de Noёl. At 30 food stalls one can enjoy delightful street food.  However, the special corner to visit is a Fondue Chalet with 150 seats. Locals say you have to book the table in advance to get the chance to enjoy this cheesy fairytale.

Kids will be happy to try the ice rink while you stroll around with a glass of hot wine.

More info:

Opening hours:
Mon-Tue-Wed: 11h – 21h
Thu-Fri-Sat: 11h – 22h
Sun: 11h – 20h

Mon-Tue-Wed: 11h – 23h
Thu-Fri-Sat: 11h – 00h
Sun: 11h – 22h

Thu 6 Dec: 17h – 22h
Mon 24 Dec: 11h – 16h
Tue 25 Dec: closed
Mon 31 Dec: 11h – 16h


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