Previously we reviewed several co-workings in Geneva. This time SUISSEPIC had a talk with young entrepreneurs from Zurich to discover the best places to have a desk or arrange a part-time office in a business capital of Switzerland.

We counted around 20 co-workings Zurich. Most of them are located close to the Lake or to the train station to provide mobility to the residents. There are spaces run by private owners and corporations like Regus Group. And of course you will find famous ImpactHub, which provides the chance to meet international entrepreneurial spirit in the historical part of Zurich.

Some of private co-workings have really creative names such as “Thank God, it is Monday”. The others target their audience. For example we found a women’s co-working space called Birdhaus.

Prices for a shared workplace start from CHF 5 per hour, CHF 25 per day, and CHF 360 per month.


ImpactHub is known is a worldwide community of social entrepreneurs. They count around 13,000 members and more than 800 in Zurich. In Zurich they offer six different spaces for various needs of community members and other clients. All of them are located in the heart of Zurich what makes a special atmosphere around. There are loft-style coworkings at Kratwek, Colab, Garage and Viadukt, which was the first one to be opened in Zurich. Photobastei is an art and photogallery. This inspiring place offers 1 sprint room, 1 salon and 1 event space. Best coffee you will find at Café Auer&Co at the Colab space.

Prices: CHF 45/ day, CHF 395/ week
Address: 93 Viaduktstrasse, Zurich

TGIM – Thank God it’s Monday Zurich

One of the cheapest workspaces in Zurich. Spread at 550sq m it offers wi-fi, printing options, meeting rooms, chillout lounge, a terrace, a kitchen, and (what make them special) an own beer tap.

Prices: CHF 5/ hour, CHF 25/ Day
Address: 17 Löwenstrasse, Zurich


A social club and workspace for women. The atmosphere of comfort and care as it has to be related when you are talking about women’s entrepreneurship is offered here. They are proud of their interriors, luxury bathroom products, coffe or tea, fast internet, meeting rooms, access to podcasting equipment and a Friday social apéro for all members.

Prices: CHF 395/ month (with 6 days access) or CHF 225 (with 3 days access).
Address: Brandschenkestrasse 150, 8002 Zürich

Caravan Café

For freelancers and those who does not tighten themselves with any type of office activities there is an option to work at the atmosphere of a Coworking Café. Three options are provided by Caravan Coworking Café Löwenstrasse 61, Müllerstrasse 16 and Pfingstweidstrasse 51. At these comfortable lunch zones you can work a little with speedy wi-fi, charge your electic things and phones and enjoy fresh food. Meetings and events are also welcomed to arrange here.

CreativeSpace Zurich

A new coworking space for startups and creative freelancers. It offers speedy wi-fi, printing options, ergonomic Chairs, Standing Desks, Events and / or workshops, lounge and chillout area.

Prices: CHF 30/ Day, CHF 111/ week, CHF 320/ month
Address: 105 Luegislandstrasse, Zurich


Illustrations of the text are the unique property of ImpactHub Viadukt, TGIM – Thank God it’s Monday Zurich, @Birdhaussocial, Caravan Café, CreativeSpace Zurich

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