Chocolate Brands from Geneva that are Known Worldwide

Today, SUISSEPIC continues to talk about the delightful world of Swiss chocolate and its stars. Let’s have a look at the French-speaking part of Switzerland, where the chocolate-making traditions have continued onwards for more than 100 years.


Canton of Geneva

Favarger is the oldest chocolate maker in Geneva. Founded in 1826 by Jacques Foulquier, and named it after his son-in-law Jean-Samuel Favarger, the company remains a family-run business. The brand’s heart-shaped logo around Geneva’s coat of arms is a symbolic declaration for the love of the city. Initially the company was set in Pont de l’Ile, but moved to Versoix in 1875.

Favarger is the only chocolate manufacturer that controls 100% of its production process, from selecting the raw materials to the finished product. This brand of chocolate is proud to use natural ingredients such as organic cane sugar, Swiss milk, various nuts, and hand-picked cocoa beans from Fair Trade plantations. Products produced by Favarger include Nougalines de Genève and chocolate fondue. The most iconic product of the Favarger brand is the Avelines, which has not changed since it was first created in 1922.


Canton of Neuchâtel

In 1980, the iconic chocolate brand known as Goldkenn was founded in Geneva. This particular brand of chocolate is made from natural fresh milk, and is blended with the finest hazelnuts and almonds. In 2011, Goldkenn moved to the small town of Le Locle in the Canton of Neuchâtel, which is known worldwide as the center of Swiss watchmaking, and is part of the UNESCO heritage list.

The most recognizable product produced by Goldkenn is its Goldbar, which is designed as a 12.5 kg gold bullion bar, and is available through the Duty Free market at all international airports. With Goldkenn’s Goldbar, this has come to symbolize two things Switzerland is known for – chocolate and banking. Goldkenn is also famous for their liquor-infused chocolates. Since its founding, the company has been constantly expanding is “Swiss Chocolate Liqueur” collection by partnering up world-renowned brands. Some of these brands include Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, Beluga, Rémy Martin, and Saint-James.

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Canton of Fribourg

In 1901, William Kaiser Villars founded a chocolate-making factory in Gruyères (Canton of Fribourg) that quickly became known for producing high-quality milk chocolate. For more than 100 years, the chocolatiers at Villars use fresh, whole Alpine milk, and specially selected cocoa beans to create a wide array of products: White, Blond, Milk, Fusion, and Dark Chocolate.

Following the founder’s vision of being innovative, Villars is constantly improving the chocolate-making process. In 1935, William Kaiser Villars created the first chocolate liqueur called Larmes de Kirsch. In 2009, Villars created a type of chocolate that utilized a sugar substitute, which is a natural sweetener extracted from the Stevia plant.

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