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Hiking in Switzerland

Hiking is an adventure in Switzerland.
Mountains count more than 60% of the country’s landscape.
Let's discover hiking routes around its 451 mountains, 1,800 glaciers and 103 lakes.

A Hike through Swiss Beautiful Gorges

Autumn hiking in the Alps in Switzerland is truly special. It is colorful and warm. Discover Swiss Grand Canyon in Graubunden and fantastic gorges of Valais and Bern.

Four Peaks to Hike in Switzerland

Take an adventure to Switzerland, where 60% of the country’s landscape is mountains. There are 48 peaks above 4,000 meters, and above 1,800 glaciers. Let SUISSEPIC tell you about some of Switzerland’s famous peaks.

Take me to the vineyards. Hiking in Lavaux experience

830 hectares of terraced vineyards, blue transparent air and turquoise water of Geneva Lake are the things that make Lavaux be really unique part of French Switzerland. It is one of the best places to enjoy eternal beauty, to listen the whispers of nature, inhaling scent of freedom. SUISSEPIC had a hike around Lavaux to Swiss Riviera in Montreux keeping in mind the words of Prince’s song.

5 places to hike around Geneva

Hiking is a way to relax and test your endurance. Switzerland offers a great variety of well-arranged hiking trails with endless footpaths. Be prepared to explore valleys and vineyards, lakes, green hills, mysterious woods and forests, snow peaks and glaciers. SUISSEPIC recommeds 5 places to hike around Geneva.