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You can often hear the question if Swiss cuisine exists or not? The Swiss are very proud of their local products. They also carefully develop agricultural technologies and follow global trends. The Swiss are well known because of their chocolate, cheese, wines and coffee culture.


The most famous products of Switzerland are definitely Swiss chocolate and Swiss cheese. They produce around 180,000 tons of chocolate per year and more than 450 sorts of cheese. They are also known for their coffee culture, consuming on average 5 cups of coffee per day and for their wines, which they have been producing since the era of the Roman emprire and consume domestically.

What to taste in Switzerland?


Where to try Latin American cuisines in Geneva

Are you looking to enjoy a great steak, discover the taste of real guacamole,  or enjoy authentic tapas or arepas in Geneva? SUISSEPIC listed the most popular places that serve various traditional Latin American cuisines within the diplomatic capital of Switzerland.


Chocolate Brands from Geneva that are Known Worldwide

Today, SUISSEPIC continues to talk about the delightful world of Swiss chocolate and its stars. Let’s have a look at the French-speaking part of Switzerland, where the chocolate-making traditions have continued onwards for more than 100 years.


Swiss coffee culture

Every day over 1,400 million cups of coffee are drunk in the world. One of the leaders in terms of the rate of coffee consumption is Switzerland, with an average Swiss having 5 cups a day or 1,200 cups a year.



Even having dozens of Michelin starred restaurants, the Swiss are not famous for being worlds' gourmands. Probably because of the prices which are very high. Having good quality products at the supermarkets they like to cook at home. Not always the cheese as a main dish. We had a look at the tables and discovered that Swiss people cook all types of world cuisines' specialities from Latin America to Tanzania.

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