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Switzerland is a small country that is famous worldwide for its attractive business conditions. Four official national languages turn any entrepreneural initiative in a truly international activity. Discover startups and business culture in Geneva, Zürich, Bern, Lugano and other cantons. Learn about the history of Swiss brands, financial institutions and how to start business in Switzerland.

Electric plane will take passengers in Switzerland in 2020

In 2016 Rolf Stuber founded in Grenchen smartflyer AG, which is focused on developing a 4-seats hybrid-electric aircraft. It is expected that the first flight should follow by the end of 2020. The arcraft can reach the speed of 220km/h and fly up to 920km.

How Guys from St. Gallen Launched a Tesla Rental Business

Two years ago, Luca and his partners decided to start an electric car rental business in Switzerland. Each of these individuals had a Tesla for personal usage, but did not have a lot of mileage on the vehicles. A desire “to do” drove these individuals to provide people with an opportunity to rent the most high-tech vehicles in the world.

How a Swiss Couple Launched a Swiss Wine Delivery Service

Young generations are proud of their wine expertise, and are combining their knowledge and passions with digital technology to make their products more visible to the public. SUISSEPIC had a talk with Marielle. After 6 years in watchmaking and jewelry she discovered her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for promoting Swiss made products.

SUISSEPIC was ranked 4th among Top 70 Swiss blogs

SUISSEPIC was ranked number 4 among the best blogs about Switzerland reviewed by FeedSpot, a freemium online RSS feed reader with straightforward implementation and design, and a number of ways to share content.

Top 10 Startups to Watch in Switzerland

Switzerland is ranked as one of the top 5 countries with an attractive investment environment and a developed digital infrastructure. New businesses have emerged in the microbiological, pharmaceutical, financial, and corporate cultural technologies.

Digital expertise: How to work with reputation online

Online reputation management (ORM) is one of the most important trends in the fields of corporate public relations (PR) and brand identity. As Internet is the largest source of information, learning how to effectively run one’s online reputation became an essential role for managers in communications.

What we have to know about social media behavior

Social media behavior reflect psychological state of a person. UK scientists reviewed Twitter messages to see this correlation. They covered 800,000,000 tweets and 7 billions words written for 4-year period, which was split into hourly intervals. The analysts discovered that users’ language changes dramatically between night and day, reflecting changes in our concerns and underlying cognitive and emotional processes.

Fast e-commerce: choosing between WordPress or Joomla!

Let’s say you have an idea of selling things via Internet and thinking on creating a small e-commerce website. SUISSEPIC had a look at the main CMS used to create small projects: WordPress and Joomla! We are ready to share our conclusions.

Zurich: 5 authentic co-workings for entrepreneurs

Previously we reviewed several co-workings in Geneva. This time SUISSEPIC had a talk with young entrepreneurs from Zurich to discover the best places to have a desk or arrange a part-time office in a business capital of Switzerland.

Digital Expertise. How to use images for illustrations

SUISSEPIC’s Instagram account attracted attention of more 16k followers. We have to confess, that quite often people ask a piece of advice how to develop their corporate accounts in social media. Let’s share some tips.

Shared workplace: 5 comfortable co-workings in Geneva

Co-working is a comfortable alternative to a typical office life, which involves sharing a common space with a group of independent specialists. Since 1990 they became more and more popular among young entrepreneurs and now widely spread over the world. SUISSEPIC explored some in Geneva.


A Quick Look into the History of Zenith Watches

Through their exceptional craftsmanship, Zenith has received than 2,300 awards for high precision and accuracy of its timepieces. Let’s find out more about what makes Zenith such a special brand.

Chocolate Brands from Geneva that are Known Worldwide

Today, SUISSEPIC continues to talk about the delightful world of Swiss chocolate and its stars. Let’s have a look at the French-speaking part of Switzerland, where the chocolate-making traditions have continued onwards for more than 100 years.

Swiss chocolate guide. Stories of 3 chocolate brands

Switzerland is often called as a home of the world’s best chocolate. The country has long and sustainable traditions of making it. In 1875, Daniel Peters created the first milk chocolate. Since then Swiss chocolatiers invented various truffles, pralines, cakes, and mousses. An average Swiss consumes 21 pounds of chocolate a year. This rate is among the highest in the world. SUISSEPIC is ready to guide you through the best Swiss chocolate brands.

Time navigation. A history of Breitling

The term Swiss Made is now widely recognized as a mark of high quality. Swiss watches are desired and admired around the globe. Their style is exclusive, elegant, and sophisticated. Today SUISSEPIC decided to have a look on the history of famous Breitling company.



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