Coworkings in Geneva

Geneva is a comfortable city for young entrepreneurs. There a lot of coworkings and shared spaces to work and be flexible. They are all over the city and can be found at both sides of Lake Geneva: beside the airport in Grand-Sacconex as well as in Carouge and Eaux-Vives. Most of them are located very close to Cornavin train station.

Impact Hub Geneva

Rue Fendt 1, 1201 Geneva


Rue de Vermont 60, 1202, Geneva


2, rue des Cordiers, 1207, Geneva

La Muse Bouge Genève

2, rue de la Muse, 1205, Geneva

Regus Genève Aéroport

World Trade Center II, Route de Pré-Bois 29, 1215 Geneva

Seedspace Geneva La Praille

Route des Jeunes 47B, 1227, Carouge

Voisins – Coworking Café

Rue des Voisins 8, 1205 Geneva

Citiz'n coworking

Quai du Seujet 28, 1201 Geneva

Le Spot Multiburo

Rue de la Cité 1, 1204, Geneva

Cric Crac Croc

Rue de Carouge 83, 1205 Geneva

Grenus Voisins – Coworking Café

Place De-Grenus 4, 1201 Geneva

Seedspace Geneva Chevillarde

Chemin de la Chevillarde 11, 1224 Geneva