Bern is the second largest canton in a Central part of Switzerland. It is capital is the city of Bern, which is also a political and administrative centre of the country. Bern is a billingual canton.

Agriculture and catteling are among main occupations here. However there is also a nuclear power plant at Mühleberg. The canton of borders with the the cantons of Jura, Solothurn, Neuchâtel, Vaud, Valais, Uri, Nidwalden, Obwalden, Lucerne and Aargau.

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French, German

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Lake Thun Festival

Lake Thun Festival

Every summer since 2003 Switzerland hosts international musical event in the canton of Bern. World’s best musical and stage productions are presented at the Lake Thun.

DNA Pen, A Swiss Made Gift For Christmas

DNA Pen, A Swiss Made Gift For Christmas

What could be a great Christmas present for the dearest people of the new epoque when they seem to have everything? A perfect pen is a timeless gift. Prodir, a Swiss brand of writing instruments. Since the 1980’s they have been known for their combinations of technology and creativity.