Cantons of Switzerland

Being in the heart of Europe Switzerland offers amazing transport infastructure and transparent business conditions. Four languages, political stability and a compact size make Switzerland attarctive for the entrepreneurs seeking an international scale-up. Discover life and success stories in different cantons of Switzerland.

SUISSEPIC To Support Suvorov220, A Historical Hiking Event

SUISSEPIC to become a mediapartner of Suvorov220, an international project devoted to the 220th anniversary the Suvorov’s route throuth the Swiss Alps.

Famous Residents Of Montreux

Montreux has always attracted artists, men of letters, and travelers in search of natural beauty, peace, and inspiration. Discover three celebrity expats that made it their home.

Top Surgery Сlinics In Zurich

Zurich is one of the main centers in Switzerland in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery.

Famous Residents Of Geneva

Swiss Geneva is the place of attraction for many celebrities. Buildings in the center of the city keep the spirit and the great history.

Top Aesthetic Clinics In Geneva

Geneva is home to some of world-renowned aesthetic and cosmetic clinics. They offer a diverse range of expertise, with treatments that include wrinkle reduction, face lifts, laser treatments, Botox, and cosmetic cell treatments.

First Сapsule Hotel Appeared In Lucerne

The first capsule hotel was opened in Lucerne. Stay at the innovation paradise for CHF 40 in the heart of Lucerne.

Geneva Is A World’s Home For Ultramillionaires

In Switzerland one in twenty-five inhabitants has a fortune of at least 1 million francs (~1 million dollars), a record in the world.

Lake Thun Festival

Every summer since 2003 Switzerland hosts international musical event in the canton of Bern. World’s best musical and stage productions are presented at the Lake Thun.

Popular Theaters in Zurich

From classical opera to contemporary stage shows, here are five theaters to discover in Zurich.

Famous Auction Houses In Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the world’s major auction centers. This includes dozens of major international auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s, as well as local ones.