The Best Vineyards around Geneva

The French-speaking area of Switzerland, which includes the Cantons of Valais, Vaud, and Geneva, produce about 70% of the total wine volume in Switzerland. Today, we will look at the areas around Geneva, where the grapes are cultivated and turned into light fruity white wines.

Wine production in Geneva

1,435 Ha, 150 producers
805 Ha, red grapes
629 Ha, white grapes

Geneva is the 3rd largest wine-producing canton in Switzerland. Its shared volume production accounts for about 10%. The first vineyards were cultivated here about 2,000 year ago. There are three areas that cultivate wine around Geneva. The eastern countryside of Geneva is known as Entre Arve et Lac, which unites the villages of Jussy, Anieres, and Gy. The southern countryside of Geneva is known as Entre Arve et Rhone, which unites the villages of Lully, Bernex, and Soral. The western tip of Geneva is known as the Mandement, which consists of three communities – Satigny, Russin, and Dardagny. The award-winning, family-owned wineries located in this part of Geneva are La Cave de Geneva, Domaine du Paradis, Domaine de Trois Etoiles, Clos de Gondettes, Chateaux du Crest, Domain des Curiades, and Domain des Molards.

The hills surrounding Lake Geneva provide an excellent climate to cultivate fruit flavored white wines. Chasselas and Gamay are the preferred wines of Geneva, in which their shared total volume is around 65%. According to Swiss Wine, the wine taste in Geneva is Chardonnay because “winegrowers have won great successes at international wine competitions” with their grape variations of classic wines.

For those who love exploring the outdoors, Geneva’s Wine Trail is a real pleasure. We propose that you take a bike ride from Bourdigny-Choully, Peissy, and Russin to Dardagny. Along the way, you will discover charming villages and the hospitality of Geneva’s caves. Make a stop at one of the taverns and enjoy delicious food with great-tasting local white wines.

Another option would be to enjoy an evening ride in an old U.S. military jeep. Could this not be a more wonderful idea for a date – renting a car from the early 40s, and enjoying the mild colors of the Sun fading over the countryside vineyards around Geneva?

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