Switzerland is probably one of the best countries for cycling. Because of its various altitudes, one can enjoy all types of biking activities. Get ready to pedal across mountains and through forests, along farmlands and vineyards, and enjoy breathtaking views along the shores of rivers and lakes. Here are SUISSEPIC’s recommended routes for the best cycling tours.

Rhone Route

Andermatt – Geneva, 320 km

The Rhone Route, also known as the Wine Route, goes through Valais and Vaud, which are two wine cantons of Switzerland. The route starts in Andermatt, goes up to the top of the Furka Pass, and down towards the Rhone Glacier. Through Goms, the route goes through to the valley of the Rhone River and continues along to Brig and Stockalper castle.

This particular route also allows one to enjoy touring along fruit plantations and vineyards to Sion, with the wonderful Castles of Valere and Tourbillon. From Sion to Lausanne, the route runs along the Chillion Castle and the famous palm-lined promenades of the Lake Geneva in Montreux. After riding through the Lavaux Vineyards Terrace (protected by the UNESCO), the route ends in the City of Geneva. This route is suitable for everyone, and is popular among families with kids.

Graubünden Route

Chur – Bellinzona, 260 km

The Graubünden Route begins in Chur, the oldest city in Switzerland, and takes one through the Domleschg Valley and the Piz Beverin Mountain to Thusis. Along the route, one can enjoy the breathtaking views of the Schinschlucht gorge and the Albula Pass up to Bergün. From Bergün, the route leads to Zernez. Here, one can explore the Swiss National Park and continue on their scenic journey through the Engadine Valley to the Swiss village of Martina.

Cycling this route, it is possible to travel from Thusis, over the Splügen Pass, through the San Bernardino Pass (Bernhardinpass), and to the mountainous village of San Bernardino. From here, one can see the moors and the tiny mountain lakes. From the top of the San Bernardino Pass and through the Valle Mesolcina, the route goes down towards the city of Bellinzona and its famous 3 castles (Castelgrande, Montebello, and Sasso Corbaro).

Rhine Route

Andermatt – Basel, 424 km

The Rhine Route is part of the EuroVelo cycling network, which starts in Rotterdam. The complete tour covers 4 countries (the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Switzerland) and 1,233 kilometers. The Swiss segment of the route starts in Basel and proceeds east to Lake Constance through local fishing villages and the cozy town of Stein am Rhein, where one can enjoy the various culinary delights. At Andermatt, the route crosses the Oberalp Pass, which is where the Rhine River traditionally receives its source of water from Lake Toma. Along the way, one can see the village Disentis, a Benedictine monastery, and the Ruinaulta (Swiss Grand Canyon), which begins at Ilanz.

An Autumn Hike through Switzerland’s Beautiful Gorges

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Four Peaks to Hike in Switzerland

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National Cycling Routes of Switzerland

SUISSEPIC continues to find the best bike routes in Switzerland. With our recommendations, you can enjoy a great cycling tour around the country. Get ready to pedal across mountains and through forests, along farmlands and vineyards, and enjoy breathtaking views along the shores of rivers and lakes.