Basel was named as one of the most attractive cities to do business in Switzerland and in Europe. Zurich and Geneva entered into Top-5 of the Economic Potential Rankings.

Recently, BAK Economics published a report on 65 of the most important cities, and 181 regions in Europe. These rankings are aimed at providing insight on a region’s and a city’s performance, attractiveness, and competitiveness. It comprises of main indicators such as real GDP per capita or job growth, location factors such as accessibility or the tax burden on companies and employees, and productivity and industry data in order to measure the competitiveness of the region’s economic structure. These rankings also indicate how well-prepared the Western World is for the future.

Due to their regional attributes, the Swiss and Scandinavian regions are considered the best areas when it comes to business. Based on the selection of 65 regions, Basel, Geneva, and Zurich were named as the best metropolitan areas. Of the three Swiss cities, Basel and Geneva are considered two of the most attractive and competitive business-oriented cities in Europe. Basel also showed an extraordinarily competitive structure, whereas Geneva and Zurich scored 2nd and 4th respectively for their attractiveness towards both talent and companies, as well as for their economic precedent.

Apart from the Basel, Geneva, and Zurich areas being held in high regards, there are several other Swiss regions and cities that were mentioned in a positive light: Zug, Delémont Geneva, Neuchâtel, Baden-Brugg were mentioned among the top ones.

  • Zug Agglomeration was named as the wealthiest city, and has had the fastest growing economy over the past 5 years
  • Delémont was named as the 2nd best performing city over the past 5 years
  • Neuchâtel has had high employment growth over the past 5 years
  • Baden-Brugg was named as the most attractive agglomeration for companies

About BAK Economics

BAK Economics is a private and independent research institute in Switzerland. They provide economic analyses based on macroeconomic research, as well on industry- and regional-specific issues. BAK Economics also provide economic forecasts on a quantitative and practical level.

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