Switzerland is an excellent place for hiking any time of the year. Hiking here is truly special during the autumn months because it’s like summer, but with more color. While hiking in Switzerland, you will see endless valleys, fragrant forests, grand mountains, crystal clear lakes, and impressive gorges. With numerous spots to capture exciting memories, such an experience will be truly unforgettable. SUISSEPIC has chosen some of the most beautiful and unique gorges for you to visit during your hike.

Rhine Gorge, Canton of Graubünden

The Rhine Gorge (Ruinaulta), otherwise known as Switzerland’s “Grand Canyon”, is one of the most mesmerizing places in the Canton of Graubünden. Formed by a glacier about 10,000 years ago, this huge gorge reaches heights of up to 400 meters. The Rhine Gorge stretches for approximately 14 kilometers, from the village of Reichenau to the village of Valendas. There are numerous hiking routes and biking trails along the Vorderrhein River (Upper Rhine River), all the way up the Rhine Gorge. The gorge’s scenic walking route starts at Versam Station, and continues along the banks of the Rhine to Valendas.

The hike takes about 1.5 hours, and is an amazing experience. Along the route, there are some wonderful picnic areas that allow you to barbecue along the Rhine. As you travel through the forest up to the Rhine Gorge, you will come across some rare bird and wild flower species, white rock faces, fascinating geological formations, and silvery waterfalls. A number of viewing platforms around the gorge will give you the opportunity to enjoy diverse and magnificent landscapes of the Alps. This gorge can only be discovered on foot, bicycle, train, or river rafting.

Dailley Gorge, Canton of Valais

The Dailley Gorge is an impressive natural monument located near Van d’en Bas. This small attraction is easily accessible to visitors and is filled with unforgettable views. This is a great place for hiking through forests and across lush meadows. Start your 30 minute journey from the cute little resort of Salvan, and follow the signs up the gorge. This route will take you through magnificent pine forests, with views stretching out over mountains and the Rhone Valley. As you travel further into the forest, you can hear the sound of rushing water and the breathtaking Pissevache Waterfall.

The well-prepared pathway is lined with elevated wooden footbridges and stairs that lead you up the gorge. You can stop to admire the view beneath you, which can be terrifying and amazing at the same time. Such a journey will be a truly wonderful experience, full of beautiful sights, breathtaking scenery, and warm weather during the autumn months.

Taubenloch Gorge, Canton of Bern

If you’re staying in Biel during the autumn months and are looking for an adventure, then come explore the Taubenloch Gorge (Dovecote Gorge). This picturesque ravine is located near Biel in the Jura Mountains, and extends over two kilometers, from Bozingen with an altitude of 445 meters above sea level, to Frinvillier with an altitude of 516 meters above sea level. Walking to this gorge is quite easy, and is one of the most popular places to hike around Biel.

The hike takes about an hour, and the trail follows the Suze (river) through a forest. The route is well-kept, comfortable, and suitable for all ages. There are a few bridges and tunnels that follow the water, which is dotted with explanations on the signboards. Along the path, you will enjoy breathtaking views of whirlpools and vertical rock faces, as well as overhangs and spurs, which reveal some interesting geological formations. About halfway up the gorge, there is a large picnic area by the river, with several fire pits and a supply of firewood for grilling delicious meals.

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