10 Swiss Francs to be Named as the Most Beautiful Banknote

Due to International Bank Note Society (IBNS)’s annual contest 10 Swiss francs were named as the most beautiful banknote of 2017. Mauela Pfrunder’s design shows two hands conducting the orchestra with a map of the world. On the backside there are rails as a tribute to national punctuality.

It is the ninth series of Swiss francs banknotes, which was announced in 2005 and planned to be completed by 2019.  The first denomination to be released was the 50-franc note, which was first issued on 12 April 2016; the new 20-franc banknote followed on 17 May 2017, and the new 10-franc banknote on 18 October 2017.


BTW: “franc” from French can be interpreted as “honest”, “frank”, “straightforward”, thus it has additional sense regarding financial transparency and stability.

Swiss franc was first introduced in 1798. It was based on a Bern Thaler, a coin of Bern. Before that more than 75 entities, abbeys and cantons were making their own coins. There are some of them  Basel thaler, Berne thaler, Fribourg gulden, Geneva thaler, Geneva genevoise, Luzern gulden, Neuchâtel gulden, St. Gallen thaler, Schwyz gulden, Solothurn thaler, Valais thaler, and Zürich thaler.

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