Where to go in Zurich for the first date

You live in Zürich and finally met a very special person. Now you work upon the scenario how to find a way to his/her heart climbing the wall of shyness and his/her electric fence of pride. It’s time to go for the first date. SUISSEPIC has chosen some tips to have a practical and impressive Swiss date.


How to make friendship with a Swiss?

The Swiss are considered to be quite close. How to get in contact and make friendship with a person from Switzerland? SUISSEPIC discovered a video instruction that was shown and posted on Facebook at SRF Deville Late Night on 25 February.

Life 4.0 new future and the agenda of World Economic Forum 2018

Digital aspects of economic development are among the main topics of World Economic Forum 2018, hold in Davos. Cyber threats and digital tools of evolving society were discussed. It is called 4.0, which is aimed to change human’s attitude to all the processes in political, business and social life.


5 Gruyere cheese recipes you will never forget

How many varieties of cheese are produced in Switzerland? More than 450. Gruyere is considered to be a Swiss landmark. It is widely used in Swiss national cuisine. SUISSEPIC collected 5 the most popular recipes with Gruyere.

One lunch at the UN

Everyday more than 1,000 officials, civil servants, interpreters and also students walk along long corridors and meet inside majestic halls of the UN building in Geneva. They look through the windows at the Saleve mount and enjoy the panorama of Lac Leman. What they have for lunch. Suissepic discovered.


Top 5 Ski Resorts in Switzerland

No matter who you are: a plump extreme lover or a beginner in Switzerland you will find the resort for yourself. SUISSEPIC would like to help you to make a choice.
Located in the heart of the Alps, Switzerland is considered to be the Paradise of European skiing.

Ski/Snowboard-testing Mecca

Switzerland has a lot to offer almost any sporty person, but it’s a particular draw for anyone passionate about winter sports. Yustiniya Khokhlova performed her snowboard test in Saas Fee and told about her voyage to SUISSEPIC.


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