Where to do shopping in Bern

Bern, a capital of Switzerland, could be named as one of most beautiful cities. After having a tour around taking a look at the bears and Zytlogge, main cathedral and gardens, you will probably want to enjoy atmosphere of city center doing some shopping. SUISSEPIC got some tips here.



What to buy and where to do shopping in Zürich

With over a 1m of citizens agglomeration Zürich is the biggest city in Switzerland. It is also a commercial and financial heart of the country. SUISSEPIC explored streets, shops, traditional markets and luxury designer boutiques.



Vibes of stones: A story of the Swiss jewelry designer

Vanessa is a young Swiss jewelry artist. Born in Lugano, she spent 10 years abroad and came back to origins setting the business in Geneva. Her collections combine European beauty of shape simplicity with a charming breath of Asia. She told to SUISSEPIC about her plans, inspiration and special magic of stones.





Fast e-commerce: choosing between WordPress or Joomla!

Let’s say you have an idea of selling things via Internet and thinking on creating a small e-commerce website. SUISSEPIC had a look at the main CMS used to create small projects: WordPress and Joomla! We are ready to share our conclusions.




Swissmigration. Why the Swiss take a risk to move to Russia?

Switzerland is often called “a place to live”. It is ranked among Top 10 countries with an attractive business environment and high life standards. However sometimes the Swiss look for adventures and leave their postcard country. SUISSEPIC spoke with some of them who decided to take a risk and move to Russia.

C'est la VIE!



Moms are going to run a 5km distance in Geneva

Young moms are motivated to do exercises to keep fit. A special "Moms that run" 5km distance is offered to run to young ladies who have a baby and wish to go out in Geneva on 18th May. 



Happy stomach – productive day. Where to have business lunch in Geneva

International Geneva is often called a gastronomic capital of Switzerland. With over than 1,000 restaurants the city offers great variety of world’s cuisines from authentic French to exotic Asian one. SUISSEPIC had a talk with the locals and discovered where they prefer to eat during the day-time.



Yodeling as an essential part of Swiss culture

Yodeling is an essential part of alpine culture. This way of singing was developed in 19 century as the way of communication among mountain villagers. Now this piece of Swiss musical heritage is annually praised during numerous festivals. The closest one is supposed to be on 22-24 June in Schötz.